62 of Fischer & Wieser’s 74 Gourmet Offerings are Gluten Free

Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods, Inc. has long been on the cutting edge when it comes to trend-setting products, and has not lagged behind in the gluten free category. With 62 gluten free products (out of 74), spanning nine categories, many of the company’s best selling products are gluten free.

Old Fashioned Peach Preserves from Estella Wieser's recipe, is gluten free.

Going back to the founding of Fischer & Wieser in 1969, our original product, Old Fashioned Peach Preserves, is among the gluten free best sellers, as is the company’s signature product, The Original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce®. Twelve of our top 13 best selling sauces fall in the gluten free category.

The Original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce is gluten free!

Second best seller in the sauce category, Mango Ginger Habanero Sauce, a gluten free Scovie Award winner, contains sweet mangos, ginger, honey and just a dash of habanero pepper.  It’s great as a basting sauce on bacon wrapped shrimp!

 Pomegranate & Mango Chipotle Sauce, another gluten free award winner and 3rd best seller in the company’s  lineup, blends antioxidant-rich pomegranates with sweet mango and spicy chipotle peppers, making a gourmet sauce that is great on grilled chicken, roasted pork and baked fish.

Roasted Blueberry Chipotle Sauce, 4th best seller, boasts plump, juicy, Northwestern blueberries blended with zesty chipotle peppers, creating a taste explosion that’s perfect over cream cheese or Brie, and adds artisanal flair to grilled or baked chicken.

Gluten free Charred Pineapple Bourbon Sauce--its tropical flavor transports you to the Caribbean with just one taste!

 Fifth on the best seller sauce list, Charred Pineapple Bourbon Sauce turns any meal into a tropical getaway. The hand-roasted, tropical pineapple and Tennessee bourbon whiskey combo is great when used as a glaze on ham, or as a dessert sauce.

 Smokey Mesquite and Sweet Heat Mustards, all  salsas, both pie fillings, 6 out of 7 dressings, 11 out of 12 jams, 4 out of 5 appetizers, and 10 of the 16 Mom’s products claim the gluten free mantra.

 The number one selling Mom’s product, Mom’s Original Garlic and Basil Spaghetti Sauce, is not only gluten free, but was named Outstanding Classic of 2010 in the 38th annual sofi™ Awards from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc. The sofi™ Awards recognize the best in specialty food and beverages and are a coveted industry honor.  “sofi” stands for Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation.

“With the health concerns that many have today, we are very proud to offer so many excellent products to those with gluten intolerances,” states Ashley Seelig, Director of Quality Assurance/ Product Development. “It makes a world of difference to those with such intolerances to have a source for great  products—available to them so conveniently through our website and throughout the country in specialty, club and grocery markets around the world.”

 For a complete listing of all of Fischer & Wieser’s gluten free products, go to http://www.jelly.com/glutenfree.php. For more information on all of the fine Fischer & Wieser products, visit www.jelly.com, or contact Jonathan Pehl, Director of Marketing and Branding at: jonathan.pehl@jelly.com or (800) 369-9257.

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