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From “BBQing Tips From Deep In The Heart Of Oregon!

What were you girls expecting in my very own kitchen photo…a closeup shot of Paul Newman? Get real! Get a grip!

Ok! Here are two simple BBQ chicken recipes that are so easy that even you might…well, maybe, be able to do yourself without having to call Martha, Rachael, Ina, Chef Paul or Chef George (not Clooney) to bail you out :

1) Get a whole chicken, or two (one chicken ain’t enough…but just do one if you want)

2) Now, it’s time to get with it! Hunker down, knuckle down and clean those suckers with some warm water…and pat dry

3) Get Chef Paul Prudhomme’s “Poultry Magic” (see bottom of post) and rub on the chicken, both on the outside and in the cavity (Beside Chef George Hirsch, Paul P is right up there with good chow and good luvin’ and livin’!)

4) Get Newman’s Own Lemon Pepper Marinade or Fischer and Wieser’s Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce and use as a marinade. How hard can this be? Maybe get the brain to rally just a tad!

5) Put the chicken(s) in a plastic bag or Tupperware Season-Serve Marinating Container

and pour a generous amount of marinade on the chicken and into that super marvelous cavity

6) Sprinkle on more Paul Prudhomme’s Poultry Magic, but skip all the rubbing it in thing this time

7) If you are still awake, place those poor little fragile chicks into the fridge over night…”over night” for rednecks means: “Tat the time y’all out huntin’ possum and dat big gator, dude!”

8) Set the BBQ grill at 325 degrees, let the chicks sit out for 30 minutes while the grill gets up to temperature

9) We goin’ cook on indirect heat…meaning: If you cook it on directly on the grill it will be a real crispy critter on the outside and “real rare” on the inside. For the rednecks: “We dig dat real, real rare possum meat, dude!”

10) On a gas grill, turn on one burner and cook on the other side at 325 with the hood shut. I prefer to cook the chickens in shallow pans…messes that drip thru your grill really suck, dude!

11) On a charcoal grill, a two zone fire set on low heat with the hood shut

12) On a pellet grill don’t sweat it

13) The chickens are going to cook until they reach a internal temperature of 190 degrees…”That real hot in da the swamp, Mon”

14) Cooking time is anywhere from two and a half to three hours

15) After one and a half hours lightly “mist” with a concoction 1 cup of orange juice and a tad bit of apple cider vinegar. Put it in a squirt bottle and mist the chicken lightly. De Rednecks: Put all dat concoction in dat gator’s mouth…he squirt it back all misty real soon! 

16) When done, Let those now fabulous, beautiful, gorgeous chicks set out for at least 15 minutes before serving

BBQ Chicken Recipe Using Fischer and Wieser’s Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
BBQ Chicken Recipe Using Newman’s Lemon Pepper Marinade

Nothing here should be a great big out-of-control-thing, dude!  What were you thinking? These are easy BBQ chicken recipes, dude. Relax! Get a grip!

Get all your ducks lined up!  Get all your beavers chewin’ on the same tree! Get all the Viking to roll your boat! Maybe this simple: Like just, sip on a nice Oregon-made brew or an excellent glass of Oregon-made wine while you’re doin’ all those chickens.

Enjoy! Like my favorite chef and friend, George Hirsch would say: “Know your fire!”

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