Mark Wieser in Germany to Promote F&W Sauces

Fischer & Wieser product sampling in Germany, hosted by Deiter Zettier.

Mark Wieser, Founder & President of Fischer & Wieser is currently in Germany promoting Fischer & Wieser products.

From Mark,

“This photo was taken at a private wine and gourmet shop that was hosting an invited guests party. We sampled our [Fischer & Wieser] sauces with great success. We did three of these and [Fischer & Wieser products now] will be placed in stores like this throughout Germany. We also visited meat markets and bakeries that do in-store sampling.

Our host, Deiter Zettier has his own store for fine wines, brandies, spirits, all of which he blends. He was making hundreds of gift baskets and took a large order of F&W sauces.

He is very excited about connecting F&W as German Texans with Germany. He once headed sales training for Nordika’s 15,000 sales force. I watched him sell and speak to people about us and was amazed at his approach. I think he will do well for us. The response to F&W was great.”

We are very excited about this global expansion of our products into Western Europe, specifically Germany. Thanks to all in that part of the world who’ve requested our products.