Fischer & Wieser Says, “Let’s Dance!”

To encourage physical fitness here at Fischer & Wieser, Case D. Fischer, the company’s CEO & President, has instituted a lunch-time exercise session, incorporating Zumba to entice employees to participate.

Kelli Goldsberry came to his attention, as a Zumba instructor for Fredericksburg ISD Community Education.

Kelli has had numerous years of dancing experience, from high school through college, where she received a teaching certificate. She taught school but always had a second job in the fitness industry where she taught aerobic dance. She was in several dance competitions in Houston which is where she’s from. She moved to Fredericksburg in 2002.

A client at the athletic club where she worked brought in information about Zumba. She researched it, went to classes and received her first certification and “fell in love all over again. One of the main premises behind Zumba is that it fulfills you on so many levels–physically,emotionally, and, for me, spiritually. I have been teaching Zumba for 2 years now and have 3 levels of certification.”

The Fischer & Wieser participants have nothing but great things to say about the class. Their fitness levels have improved and overall say they’re having a blast in the class!

Fischer & Wieser team members enjoy Zumba session during their lunch hour, with instructor, Kelli Goldsberry (2nd to right, front row) in the lead.

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