Fischer & Wieser visits Fredericksburg Farmers’ Market

Recently, two of Fischer & Wieser’s employees, Kelly Cox, Assistant to Jay Gans, National Account Manager, and Anne Traver, Projects Manager, visited Fredericksburg Farmers’ Market.

Open May through September

Held each Thursday from 4-7 pm at the Kinderhalle at Marktplatz in Fredericksburg, Texas, we were anxious to see the fresh produce and baked goods that local farmers and artisans had on display.

Graham Warwick Entertains!

We were greeted right off the bat with the music of Graham Warwick, singing favorites from the ’6os, and setting a sort of “hootenany” atmosphere. Almost immediately the aroma of the offerings of Executive Chef Ross Burtwell of Cabernet Grill  enticed us  to the Chef’s Corner. After sampling some of his shrimp appetizers, the strawberry table beckoned, and we delighted in the delectable sight of fresh, beautiful, scrumptious red strawberries, the likes of which I’ve never eaten before! Pure ambrosia!

Kelly admires those beautiful strawberries!

Kelly Cox checks out the fresh cucumbers.

After enjoying those amazing strawberries, we headed toward Hairston Creek Farms and discovered garlic, cucumbers, and blackberries. Kelly and I both had to buy some of those! From there it was on to bakery delights, from which I had to try Olive Ciabatta Bread, of course. In fact, it made my dinner! It was the basis of wonderful roast beef sandwiches, now my husband’s favorites!

It was a delightful foray into the world of freshly grown, locally produced fruits and vegetables. There’s nothing better than fresh home-grown cucumbers, artichokes, rosemary, beets, lavender and, or course, strawberries!

We’re planning more trips when the peaches ripen and tomatoes are available! We highly recommend the Fredericksburg Farmers’ Market!

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