Representative Lamar Smith visits Fischer & Wieser

Fischer & Wieser had the distinct pleasure of showing U. S. Representative Lamar Smith, District 21, Texas, our plant on Monday, June 11, 2012. Mark Wieser, Founder and Chairman

Mike Asmus, Director of San Antonio office, Jenny Wieser, and U.S. Representative Lamar Smith take a breath outside after touring the manufacturing area

U.S. Representative Lamar Smith takes a close look at one of our bottles of Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

and Jenny K. Wieser, COO, showed him and his assistant, Mike Asmus, District Director from the San Antonio office, our manufacturing facility. They saw the warehouse, labeling room, kitchen and container-filling areas, as well as our corporate headquarters showroom.

Representative Smith is visiting small businesses during his time this summer away from Washington, D.C., to touch base with his constituents and become more familiar with their views and concerns. We were honored to have him and Director Asmus tour our facility.



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